Book vs. Digital Book Essay

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Have you ever found yourself wasting your reading time going to the bookstore or taking awhile to find a specific book at home. Well with the digital books you have the bookstore and books you love in the palm of your hand. Also, you can type in the book you want to read and the digital book will find it and before you know it you have your favorite book. Digital books are overall more convenient by being very in-expensive and very green. If you’re not in walking distance of a library or book store then you have to waste gas money for driving, not to mention that if you don’t have a car then you have to pay for public transportation. Also with a kindle you don’t have late fees from bogus libraries. Going out and getting books takes time and you may not have a lot of time and before you know it your reading time is out the window. Books also kill millions of trees. Imagine a world with out a lot of trees, it would be horrible. Think of the animals that get kicked out of their homes or maybe they don’t get out in time. Just think about how books can cause all of that. With a kindle you can also have a variety of books in one place.You can have all the books you desire and all they applications you love such as angry birds and twilight. Applications can occupy you when ever and also make you better at things. You could also have applications that help you with school or work. Also if you think about all the books you could have on one kindle it is amazing let say you have 30 books imagine all the room the books would take up, you would hardly notice a kindle . I know your probably thinking what about the books I already have? Well if you scan the barcode of the book with your digital book it will give you that book for free in your digital book collection. These are all reasons why digital books are better. Digital books can also do way cooler

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