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Students now hope for annual book voucher Reports by FARIK ZOLKEPLI, ALLISON LAI, YVONNE LIM and LEO ARROKKIASAMMY MALACCA: Undergraduates who are on a shoestring budget are delighted with the 1Malaysia Book Voucher (BB1M) and are hoping it would be an annual affair. Jeyapriya Pereysamy, 21, said the RM200 voucher had eased her financial burden. “I bought two books, some stationery items and gadgets such as a thumb drive and a mouse,” said the third-year student at a public university. Asveniya Baskaran, 20, said she made use of the voucher to get a laptop bag and a thumb drive, besides some stationery. “I wish we can have the BB1M every semester,” said Asveniya, who recounted that she was thrilled when the Government announced the BB1M during the Budget last year. About 1.3 million students including those attending matriculation, Form Six, polytechnic, diploma and degree classes are eligible for the vouchers which are valid from January till this month. Undergraduate Esther Yap, 21, said the voucher had greatly benefited the students and should be offered as a yearly education aid. “The Government should also consider providing rebates on books as the prices of some reading material are very high,” she said. This, she said, would help to promote the reading culture among university students. Afiqfaidhi Sabri, 23, who bought three books among other items, had “high hopes” for the BB1M. “I hope this programme will go on forever!” he exclaimed. In KUALA TERENGGANU, university students commended the Government for the book vouchers. Universiti Malaysia Terengganu student Nur Lilysuriani Johari, 23, said the RM200 voucher was useful, especially for those from a low-income background. “I hope the Government will continue with the initiative. “However, instead of RM200 vouchers, it may be more useful if they could be given out in smaller denominations

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