Book Summary: The Demon In The Freezer

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Evil Spirit Back in the day, my grandmother told me that when she was twenty five years old, the evil spirit attacked their village. People started getting fever and red blotches all across their bodies which turned into seas of tiny pimples and was sharp but not itchy. By the night, pimples were rising out of the soles of their feet and on palms of their hands, and they were coming up in the roof of their mouth. As the time passed, the pimples developed tiny, blistery heads and the heads continued to grow large. They were all over the victim’s body, inside the mouth and ear canals. They believed that if was a b ad spirit who needs something from their village, so they started praying and came in contact with that person to ask the spirit…show more content…
Before readying the book The Demon in the Freezer, I hired the word smallpox, but I wasn’t sure that it is deadly disease which might use for attack. I interview most the people around me, from those only two percent of them know about this disease. Some of them don’t want to talk about it and other was comparing it with chickenpox. Our government should teach this at local schools and colleges to aware the civilian human population about this disease. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), issued recommendations to researcher for planning and designing studies for the development of drugs that treat the side effects associated with smallpox vaccines. “The forty page guidance document from the FDA makes recommendations for nonclinical early drug development studies with section on chemistry, manufacturing and controls, toxicology, microbiology and clinical pharmacology. The guidance focuses on the need for accruing in vivo investigation data from animal models because of the low occurrence of serious vaccine complication in the vaccinated population. It also includes sections on obtaining data regarding human efficacy and safety, designing clinical trials, and data collection requirements and recommendations” (Tolchin 25). It tells that our government is planning to teach people about this deadly disease. In 1970, an eight year old girl named Bilkisunnessa can see the symptoms of smallpox and called the world health organization (WHO). “ She reported the case to a local health worker, and she eventually collected a reward of sixty- to dollars from WHO- a fortune for a girl on Bhola Island”(Preston91). If an eight year old girl can tell the symptom about the smallpox, than if our generation got the right education about smallpox they would be prepared and ready for

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