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In Uncommon Youth Ministry: Your Onramp to Launching an Extraordinary Youth Ministry, Jim Burns seeks to provide a resource for youth ministers who want their ministry to reach its maximum potential. Burns had originally written Youth Builder for this same purpose, but then updated it into Uncommon Youth Ministry to serve the newest generation of youth workers. Burns highlights how, recently, youth ministry is becoming more and more prominent in the lives of teenagers. Now, when kids go through crises, they consult their parents first, and then their youth workers, whereas previously youth workers would be far down the list. This is because of the development of youth ministries into real and relational programs rather than just a “glorified babysitter.” In defining the difference between past youth groups and current relational youth ministries, Burns illustrates how youth workers are finally meeting the relational needs that teens require than simply providing a program for them to attend. People don’t tend to remember programs or sermons that had an impact on their lives, but they will remember the people that invested in them and counseled them through the ups and downs of life. Because of this, Burns stresses the fact that modern-day youth workers need to spend the majority of their time in conversation with the kids rather than in organizing and executing programs for the kids to hang out with each other. In order to have a more lasting impact on teens, we need to be constantly nurturing their spiritual walk, showing them unconditional love, reaching out to them, and just spending time with them. In addition to outlining the foundation for a healthy relational youth ministry, Burns talks through the framework of youth ministry. He discusses how grow your ministry to include healthy discipleship, worship, missions, student leaders, camps, volunteers,

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