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Daily Life in China on the Eve of the Mongol Invasion- Book Summary The book starts off with The City; it refers to the city of Hangchow, China’s former capital. The reason that the Chinese chose Hangchow was because it was a provincial town, and the city fit well with what they needed it for by its lay-out. It begins by telling us about the nomad invasions and how they captured cities upon cities, because there warfare skills were a lot better than the average Chinese man. It did not matter if the cities were walled, the Chinese did not stand a chance. They could not hold off the invasion anywhere else except for Hangchow. The Emperor stopped many nomad attempted invasions. The reason being is because Hangchow was surrounded by obstacles…show more content…
It became much more complex than it once was in the eleventh century. It evolved from a small elite with all uniformed ideas, into bigger more diverse elite with many different ideas and backgrounds. Merchants began climbing up the ranks, and before this time they were never even involved with the elite. Now they are becoming socially relevant with the massive growth of Hangchow. Peasant rebellions began to arise. They received no benefits from the city; the city tried its best to remain separate from them. The Chinese then developed a justice system to stop the outbreaks of rebellions. The idea from the Chinese authority was that peace must keep intact. Many people did not agree with the authority they had over the people. The people were hesitant to ask the force for help, because it was one of the most cruel justice systems that had ever…show more content…
The housing in Hangchow was not so pleasant for all of the Chinese. There were many people from overcrowding issues in the town that slept outside with no roof over their heads. Others that could find temporary living had to sleep 6 to 7 people in a tiny room which made it way overcrowded. Many Chinese got 2 baths in their entire life, once and birth and the other at death. In Hangchow thought they bathed way more often and were generally clean. In China the need for clothing was for protection against the cold. Therefore most clothing was lined with floss, silk, and fur. It was also a symbol of your social class. The arrangement of the dress, the shape and type of headgear, were both main signs of your social status. The cooking of the old Chinese way is still a mystery to us, because we have no clue what were the recipes to their food. The food of Hangchow does not seem that much different than the modern day Chinese food though. The only difference that they have concluded is that the Hangchow food choices varied more than the food of the Modern day Chinese. Many restaurants in Hangchow specialized in certain types of dishes; some of these were sweet soya soup, pig cooked in ashes, fish soup, and rice served with mutton. They also had parties where people thought they should honor it by getting

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