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The Hot Zone, written be Richard Preston, is a book that talks about the deadly viral disease, Ebola. It shows the transition of the viruses; Marburg virus, Ebola Sudan, Ebola Zaire and Ebola Renton that eventually leads to the non-treatable Ebola disease. The book is an account of the growth of the disease, tracing its origins, how it spreads and the effects it has on infected people. Preston reveals the story of the outbreak of the disease, first observed in a cave at Mt. Elgon in Kenya. He uses Charles Monet, the French owner of a sugar company to depict images and explanations of how the disease kills the infected after having undergone mild fever, body aches and blood vomiting. The victim, in this case Charles Monet, dies a terrible death after undergoing organs failure and extensive bleeding. The second case, which is very interesting, is a situation in a monkey house in Renton, Virginia which is just a short distance from the White House. Preston explains the discovery of a new type of Ebola virus at this place that kills the Monkeys imported from the Philippines. The reader is taken through the journey of a medical research institute and their quest to decontaminate the red alert monkey house. The final major part of the book takes us back to Kenya, in Kitum cave, trying to identify the first source of the virus. The book is unique because it is proof that even nonfiction books can evoke emotions among readers, even to an extent more than horror fiction novels. From works of extensive research and conducted interviews, Preston came up with a well arranged, dramatized representation of the findings. He manages to create both drama and suspense in his real life events, and carefully uses them to manipulate the readers’ feelings and emotions in the novel. He does this only too well, because he is aware of the reader’s fear of apprehension of the

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