Book Review on Princess Diana

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The importance of taking an active role in school life Studying is not only about learning knowledge from the book get the best result from the exam. Taking an active role in school life is also a good way to learn. Learning something you can't learn from the book. Exam grades are not the most important when applying for university or job. Undeniably good exam grades can easier get an interview. But the purpose of interview is to let your interviewers know your ability. They want to know where you know how to communicate with other, your personality and Leadership look for more than exam grades. Even you have very good exam grades but you without these ability, then the company will not hire you. Taking up leadership roles at school have a lot of benefits. I am the chairman of Mathematical Society. I needed to do many decisions. I must carefully consider all aspects of the pros and cons, after a detailed and careful consideration. It can Learn job responsibilities. Also I learned how to manage my time. Not to affect the academic activities. In addition, through several activities, I learned how to work more effectively allocate skills, problem-solving skills and ways of doing things more efficiently. Through the leadership roles at school you can learn the communication skills. This is very important for your future. At work you need to face a lot of different people, like co-worker, boss, Client. You need to communicate with them. If you do not know how to communicate with people your relationship will be very poor. So taking an active role in school life can help you develop your communication skill. It will very helpful to your future. Taking an active role in school life you will learn lots of skills that you can’t learn in the book. But don’t forget strike a balance between academic results and extra-curricular

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