Book Review on Four Perfect Pebbles

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The book i have chosen to review is "Four Perfect Pebbles" By Lila Perl and Marion Blumenthal Lazan. This non-fiction story, told in a third person narrative, is about an average Jewish family in a small town in Germany who have lived a normal, happy life. That is, until the malicious leader that's known as Adolf Hitler comes to power. This man, set out to retaliate against the Jews for reasons that are irrelevant to the well being of Germany and completely untrue , bands together a large group of people who are brain- washed by his propaganda and reasoning, and called them the Nazis. From then on, both the rights of Jewish people and the number of kind-hearted Germans began to deplete. One day, a small family, the Blumenthals, are ordered to get dressed and are taken by the Gestapo. They are then Sent to work camps. The reason why the book is called "Four Perfect Pebbles" is because Marion, the little girl of the Blumenthal family distracted herself from the ruthlessness of the work camp by setting out to find four pebbles that looked exactly the same. She believes that if she finds all four pebbles, her, her brother, mother, and father, would all survive the event that would soon be called the Holocaust. I won't give anymore away. Read the book to find out whether or not she finds her four perfect pebbles and experience this life changing odyssey. I recommend this booking to anyone who is looking for adventure. The wonderful world of reading transports one to witness one of the worse atrocities of mankind. If one is looking for a good nonfiction holocuast book, this is a must-read. Not only was this book well written, but it gave great detail that made one feel like they can see, taste, hear, and feel almost everything as if one was really in the story. However, because of the vivid detail, some parts of the book seemed a
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