Book Review on Buddy-by Nigel Hinton

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Buddy By Nigel Hinton How would you feel if you’re family fell apart? Would your last resort end in……….stealing? Would you have the guts to run away from home? Well just to let you know that you are never too young to experience the truth, and when it hits you, it hits you hard. Buddy Clark, a 14 year old boy with a troubled background. Time and time again, Buddy is faced with bad-luck, but sometimes you just have to make do, and forget the past. Let bygones be bygones. Then again, it’s hard letting your loved ones go. Having read ‘Buddy’, I personally think that it is a very perceptive book, as author, Nigel Hinton respectfully, and tactfully looks at the dealings of racism (Charmian and Julius), and the sympathetic view at the confusions of adolescence. The book also shows how judgemental and prejudiced people can be. ‘They already had their suspicions. Buddy Clark the loony, he even walks differently.’ Getting to the point, I think that the moral of this story, is to never judge a book by its cover. Prime examples of this statement, would be of the Rybeero household. Even though they are coloured, they still own a successful business in town, and the main character himself, Buddy. Naturally, the reader would tend to feel sympathy towards him, but reading in between the lines shows his true colours- selfishness. Even though, in his situation it can’t exactly be helped. I personally felt that 2 scenes in particular stood out to me, as it in contrast differentiated from the rest, seeing that overall, the book ‘Buddy’ is a generally dispiriting book, but these certain scenes were one of the few moments where Buddy and his father displayed care and emotion for each other. After Buddy’s father, unexpectedly shows concern for Buddy, and takes him out gallivanting, from shops to cafés and cinemas. Another scene that caught my eye, was where Buddy’s
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