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By Charles Dickens Oliver Twist Book Review Mohamed Rashard Doole Group 05 209110202 Firstly, I read this book during I was schooling. It was compulsory for me to read this book because I had chosen English literature as a subject. During that learning period, I was only able to get a basic idea about this theme and the novel. As I had a basic idea, personally I like the story and the moral of this book; there by I chose to write a review regarding Oliver Twist. The most popular English novelists of the Victorian era as well as a vigorous social campaigner, Charles Dickens, born in 1812, child of John Dickens and Elizabeth Dickens. Charles began his writing carrier as a reporter when he was 17. During his lifetime Dickens's work held an extraordinary popularity and recognition. He published his first novel, “The Pickwick papers” when he was 24. His novels, most published in monthly or weekly instalments, established the serial publication of narrative fiction, which became the leading Victorian mode for novel publication. “Oliver Twist” was Charles Dickens second novel and one of his successful novels which was published in 1938. “Oliver Twist” was adopted and modified by many Authors. Oliver Twist, Level 4, the book which I reviewed, is one of the adopted books which were written by a recognised author for adopting children books and young adult’s books, called Deborah Tempest. Andy Hopkins and Jocelyn Potter were the series editors for this fiction, which was published by Penguin Books Ltd., who has a publication history of 77 years. This fiction is a story of a boy, so called Oliver who was an orphaned boy who was crushed between the cruel people from the day he was born and had to join a gang of ruffians in order to survive life on the streets. The beginning itself shows the corrupted society at that particular period of time since Oliver’s

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