Book Review of Lolita

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Book Review of Lolita Lolita is one of the best-known and most controversial novels of 20th century literature. It is written by Vladimir Nabokov, a multilingual Russian novelist, poet and short story writer. Nabokov's first nine novels were in Russian. He then rose to international prominence as a writer of English prose. Lolita is his most important and well-known novel, which was published in 1955 in Paris. Until 1958, Lolita was allowed to be published in America. Humbert Humbert, a literary scholar, moved to the small New England town after an unsuccessful marriage. He rented a room in the house of Charlotte Haze, a widow. There he first met her 12-year-old daughter, Dolores, whom he called Lolita. Humbert was immediately obsessed with Lolita. But Lolita’s mother fell in love with Humbert and asked him to marry her. Since Humbert wanted to live together with Lolita, he agreed even he disliked her. But one day, Charlotte read his diary and learned of his true feelings and intentions, desperately, she planned to flee but killed by a passing car when she ran across the street. Humbert picked Lolita up from camp, pretending that Charlotte had been hospitalized. He took Lolita to a motel and attempted molest her when she was sleeping but failed. Instead, she initiated sex the next morning, for she had slept with a boy at camp. Later, Humbert revealed to Lolita that Charlotte was dead. Lolita and Humbert drove around the country, until they settled down in another town and Lolita was enrolled in girl school. Humbert became very possessive and strict, forbidding Lolita to take part in after-school activities or to associate with boys. In a school play, Lolita met Clare Quilty and decided to escape with him. As Lolita and Humbert drove westward again, Lolita fell ill and must convalesced in a hospital. One night, Lolita disappeared from the hospital
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