Book Review Of LCPL Stevens 'First To Fight'

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LCPL Stevens FIRST TO FIGHT This book is very informative talking about the numerous struggles the Marine Corps have endured, history that has shaped the branch to where its now, the relationship between Marines themselves aka the brotherhood , etc. The Marine Corps are highlighted as argubably the most functionable and elite of all services in the United States of America. The men and women are all disciplined and are instilled with honor, courage, and commitment that have brought them through many conflicts physically and mentally. The hardships were very genuine initally the first enlistees were without weapons for several months and the uniforms they wore went through harsh conditions that quickly disfigured them. The Congress had doubt of the USMC in the beggining they were scarce with limited combat expierience. No one envisioned the elite amphibious landing force it would later become. The institutional pride and pay was very low but the Marines hanged in there and survived and on top of that they flourished. In 1821 the Board of Navy Commissioners asserted that the marine detachments at shore were "worse than useless" and also President Andrew Jackson wasnt fond of the Marines either. In fact he in 1830,…show more content…
The bond is made by decades of rigorous training, politics, etc. thta make them different. In the Marines, recruit training is the genesis of the enduring sense of brotherhood that characterizes the Corps. New recruits are told they start that " A Marine Believes- in his God, in his Country, in his Corps, in his buddies and himself." All the events and obstacles that Marines go through is not done individually but with team work. They hold the same tenacity and motivation while taking on courses at a time regardless what rank they have. Stress is usually the main rason why strong connections ensue leading to strong disciplined Marines ready to give everything for this

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