Book Review: Leave It All On The Court

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Leave it all on the court By: Larz hall The most recent book that I read was the Game by Walter Dean Myers. HARPERTEEN published this book. HARPERTEEN is an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers. This book is a fiction type of book and has 218 pgs. I believe that the theme of this book is hard to determine. There are many different aspects that could determine the theme for this book. I believe the main theme is trusting your coach. In this book the Game is basketball and in the game of basketball you have to trust and believe you coach in what he is trying to coach you. This book takes place in the suburb of Harlem in New York City. The main character is an African American named Drew Lawson, that isn’t involved with gang and drug problems that are in New York City. His mother is disappointed in all of the kids who are involved with all of that stuff. Drew’s main way to stay away from all of the horrible things on the streets is by bringing the game of basketball into his life. The team is introduced to a new member of their team from the Czech Republic, who is the coach’s new star. Drew has to overcome this new player and keep working to get to go and play college ball and possibly make it to the NBA. I really enjoyed this book. I think the author was correct with the way he wrote this book. As a basketball player you need to be a team player not a star player. Also, there are sometimes you are going to disagree with your coach, but you just have to trust him and go with what he says. I found it very interesting that you were never going to know…show more content…
It has to, because his grades certainly aren't. But lately his plan has run squarely into a pick. Coach's new offense has made another player a star, and Drew won't let anyone disrespect his game. Just as his team makes the playoffs, Drew must come up with something big to save his fading college prospects. It's all up to Drew to find out just how deep his game really

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