Book Review: Go Ask Alice

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Before reading the novel “Go Ask Alice” by Anonymous, I didn't know what to expect. I took my time researching each novel of choice offered and finally decided to read this book. Before beginning to read I only knew a few things about this book. One is that it is based on the actual diary of a fifteen-year-old drug user girl (Alice), and two it is taken place in 1971, where drugs use was very experimental and common amongst many. While reading the beginning of this novel, right away I could see that Alice (substitute name for main character) is just another innocent young teenage girl who mainly is concerned with her image, boys, and popularity. For example, she worries about her crush Roger and how he portrays her, she constantly tempers with her weight gains and losses, hates being at school, and especially has a difficult time relating to her parents. All of this changes when Alice has to move to a new home when her father obtains a new job in a new town. While never fitting in in at her school, Alice was looking forward to beginning a fresh new start at a new school and new home. However she gets her hopes up to high, finding that everything she assumed would happen never actually came true. Luckily, Alice finally gets to have her first real best friend Beth, who is her Jewish neighbor and they develop a fast friendship. Alice for once in her life finally feels satisfied knowing she has someone who actually understands her and can connect to with her no matter what. All of this is taken to quickly from Alice when Beth is forced to go to a summer camp and Alice has to go to her grandparents house in her old town to visit for the summer. This is where things really start to change. Alice bumps into an old classmate Jill, whom was considered extremely popular when they attended school together. Alice is even more excited as ever that Jill actually acknowledged and

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