Book Review for the Curious Case of the Dog I'N Night Time

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Lesson 5 5. Book review of The Curious Case of the Dog in the Night Time. As a newly formed detective, fifteen-year-old Christopher Boone is investigating the murder of his neighbors dog, who he happened upon, impaled with a garden fork. Christopher's investigation is a very concise and systematic. And leads him to discover some shocking and twisted information. The case inspires him to write a story, under the inspiration of Sherlock Holmes. This is his story. The Chapters in his story are numbered in a rather unique way, they do not follow the sequence of "1, 2,3" but rather are only titled with prime numbers. In fact, Christopher knows all the prime numbers right up to 7057. If you are wondering why I included that little bit of useless information, its to give you a taste of how this book is written. You see, Christopher suffers from Autism, and the voice of this story is told in the same way his mind works. It is unlike anything you have ever read before. Christopher knows he is different, and often he detaches himself from any emotional standpoint. At times his mind is similar to that of a sociopath really. He sees things purely from a analytical and logical manner, void of any real emotions we contend with everyday. "I sometimes think of my mind as a makes it easier to explain to other people what is going on inside". Throughout the book, there is a mutual frustration between Christopher and those he interacts with, both do not understand how the other thinks. He does not get human emotions and does not understand illustrative speech. "I find people confusing. this is for two reasons. The first reason is that people do a lot of talking without using many words...the second main reason is that people often talk using metaphors." One rather unique way we can come to understand how Christopher's brain works is how he tosses out
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