Book Review for Farewell to Manzanar

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Book Review for Farewell to Manzanar The book entitled Farewell to Manzanar is a memoir written by Jeanne and her husband James Houston. It is a book that tries to give a vivid description of the hardships that the Japanese-Americans faced during the Second World War. It was a painful period for every Japanese family living in America after the bombing of the Pearl Harbor by the Japanese and this was the move that led to the Americans to join the war. The story is recounted through the eyes of the young Jeanne Wakatsuki. It explores a non-fiction work of the experiences that she underwent at the interment camps that were set up for the Japanese families. It is a story that helped to shape the life of a young Japanese-American girl trying to find her identity in the society. The story follows events that occur on the onset of the Second World War when her father is arrested on charges of treason for engaging in sale of oil to the Japanese. Due to this the family is then forced to move from their residential home to Terminal Island. It was here that the then US president, Roosevelt issues an order that authorized detainment of all Japanese-American to various concentration camps. After various attempts, Mama Wakatsuki and her family is sent to one of these concentration style camps called Manzanar (Houston & Houston, 2002). Little choice was available to Jeanne and other Japanese-American families. The families are squatted in a barrack that is shared among other families. The living conditions are worse as the floors of the barracks are made of planks that have large worn out knotholes. In spite of the living conditions being unclean and shabby, there are armed guards who surround the camps. The movements of every person are watched like a hawk and no comfort or peace is given to them. They are trying times and Jeanne describes the desperation and pain

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