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Book title: Heaven is for Real Authors: Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent Publisher: W Publishing Group Publishing year: 2014 Number of pages: 209 pages Genre: Drama Heaven is for real was written by Todd Burpo and Lynn Vincent and was published by Thomas Nelson. Colton Burpo, an energetic not-quite-four year old, got very ill. His parents thought it was just the flu, but it turned out it was appendicitis. He was near deaths door, closer than his parents thought, but eventually recovered. After a few months after he had recovered, Colton started explaining what he had really seen when he was so sick. He had been to heaven and back. Colton Burpo is an energetic kid. He is very caring and brave. He has an older sister named Cassie, she is sweet, smart and loving. By the end of the book Colton also has a little brother named Colby. His dad is a preacher and likes to write. Colton’s dad is pretty amazing. He relates to his kids, and teaches them things every day. He is a very funny, caring, and intelligent father.His mom stays at home and does a wonderful job raising the three children. In many ways, this is a story about Todd who is forced to examine his own belief system. It’s a crisis of faith made even more poignant by the fact that he’s pastor. Todd is being challenged to truly believe what he wants to believe. That can be difficult, but he begins to have his own questions and skepticism diminished by the weight of the specifics that his son reveals. His son is a four-year-old kid, so there’s no affectation to anything. He’s just complete innocence. A child at that age can have an incredibly huge imagination. Todd’s attempt to sift through what’s real and what’s not in all of this is really interesting. Sonja is a

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