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Book Review of Okada, J. "No-No Boy" Name Instructor Institution Date of submission John Okanda was born in the year 1923, a place known Seattle, Washington. He achieved two undergraduate degrees obtained two undergraduate degrees of English and Library Science from the University of Washington and a Masters degree in English from Columbia University. He served as a US army during World War II in the department of Air Force as a sergeant. Okanda died having 47 years while believing that his work was unwanted by the Asian Americans. Readers would acknowledge the way Okada wrote the book with high integrity and deeper sensitivity which catches and increases the attention of the reader. The man wrote concerning his own group of people. The readers who were targeted are the American Asian group. He clearly indicated the commencing of the literature of the American Japanese people. His use of idioms, character description and the way in which he included the use of Nisei and Issei mannerism makes the book lively and engaging. This makes me agree with Okada on the way he communicates in the novel. The book No-No Boy was published for the first time in the year 1957 but it did not receive much attention from people. Even the people from the community in which Okada came from (Japanese-American) ignored the book. One of the chief reasons why they rejected the book is that, they never wanted to be reminded the humiliating captivity occurrence together with its persistent consequences. Other things that the book could remind the readers include separated families, fragmented community, intimidating society and doubtful identity. In the novel, Okada discloses a lot of struggling experiences that the Japanese American people got during the time of the wake of Pearl Harbor. Later on, they were detained in the relocation camps. The detainees were

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