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Book Review References The Courage to heal Bass, E. & Davis, L. (1988) Harper & Row, Publishers: New York In this book, Ellen Bass and Laura Davis directly address this growing problem of each survivor in a careful and personal way. They seek to find out where these abused women are in their healing stage or if they have reached the first step in the healing process. This book focuses on the ability and efforts from the beginning to the ending of survival strategy of child sexual abuse. Each stage is explored from deciding to heal to finding a resolution and starting over. Ellen Bass states that when the women felt that she could understand their stories, more women opened up to her. (P. 13) This book deals with every aspect of coping with child sexual abuse from the start of healing to finish. It allows you to see where you are in your progress by asking where are you in your progress. It deals with every feeling you are experiencing whether negative or positive. It also give you steps to gradually start healing, you will have to focus on changing basically your whole life because when you are abused sexually it changes your whole life in a way that you have never experienced. You don’t feel like you are who you once were, so you must get to know yourself all over again before you can even began to deal with the stages mentioned below. As stated within the text all these stages will not apply to every woman. There are 14 stages a person must go through and successfully complete before they are able to move on with life. The first stage involves the decision to heal, first you have to have the desire and will to want to heal. T he second stage is called the emergency stage which can turn your life inside out when you begin to allow the painful memories to surface. (P. 58-59) The third stage is remembering when the individual recalls the

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