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When I have read “River Town” this book about 2 weeks later, I have the same compelling feeling with the Peter Hessler. For this book, he described his teaching life in Fuling, which in Sichuan province. Hessler taught English, mostly literature, at Fuling Teacher College in Fuling, a “small” city near the Yangtze and Wu River in Sichuan Province. As this book, I think it is a journey for Hessler’s life in Fuling. When I looked the chapter 1 in this book, I realized that this isn’t a book about China. For me, I am an international student in Ohio University, and I am Chinese. Typically, I believe that this is a book about China in the past, not for China today. According to my experiences, I have been studying at Ohio University almost 2 years, and I have some of same feeling or moments with Peter Hessler as I mentioned before. When I was in China, I have known the America culture via some media, such as movies, music, poster, or books. Those media tend to be good resources to learn other culture. I thought that the college’s life of the American like the movie I saw called “American pie”. They are crazy all the time, and drink all the time. However, this is not true. Some people referred to “River Town” as the book can be an important reportage to China, because it provided “a window into a part of China.” For me, I am agree with this statement, because every media included books can have the same function to study others culture. When thousands of people looked some parts of chapters, or pages in “River Town” this book, they would use their imagination to create the thousands of views of China based on the words from the book. While, some people think “River Town” as the peculiar historical moment it describes, I also agree with this statement. I remember that there was a moment when Hessler’s students was arguing about the political dogma, and the communist

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