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Book Review Taylor Nelms AMH 2010 2/13/13 Word Count: 942 Hawthorne, Nathaniel. The Scarlet Letter. Boston: Ticknor, Reed & Fields, 1850. “The Scarlet Letter” is a book that teaches the reader and explores some of the many themes or life. The themes throughout the book are expressed in the form of a story. Some of the main themes that are present in the book are: sin, knowledge, and the human condition, the nature of evil, and identity and society. The book ends with the moral that individuality is gained not through rejection of one’s assigned identity but through a greater reshape of that person’s identity. There are many themes throughout the book “The Scarlet Letter”. Some themes are: sin, knowledge, and the human condition, the nature of evil, and identity and society. These themes are essential to the book and the story of Hesther Prynne. We can recall that in the bible the story of Adam and Eve represents sin, knowledge and the human condition. Hesther and Dimmesdale’s story is actually very similar of that of Adam and Eve. In both stories, their actions result in the expulsion and everlasting suffering. They also gained knowledge of what it is really like to be a human and make mistakes as Adam and Eve did. Hesther’s scarlet letter served as “her passport into regions where other women dared not tread,” which led her to behave more boldly than any other person in New England behaved. Dimmesdale however, felt as if the load of his sin “sympathies so intimate with the sinful brotherhood of mankind, so that his heart vibrates in unison with theirs”. He gets ideas for his sermons through his own sin and empathy from it. Dimmesdale and Hesther are constantly reminded of their sinfulness and try to reconcile it on a daily basis. Hesther and Dimmesdale show that although they are guilty of sin you can grow from it as a person and

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