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Matz, D. (2002). Daily life of the ancient Romans. (1st ed. Ed.). Westport: Greenwood Publishing Group. (Matz, 2002) The Author David Matz had intended to write the book which focuses on the common people of ancient Rome. The intention was not to write a book based on powerful names like Caesar or Antony. This book covers those whom are the common people that distinguished themselves in the daily life. Matz refers to the writing styles of playwrights and poets, noting that the book cannot be composed without using information from well-known authors. The structure of the book is after title page there is a content giving the name of each chapter and the reference also included in the book is a bibliographic essay giving citations of everyone who is used in the book. His purpose for writing the book is to give an eye into the basic needs of the ancient Romans information that may not be known from reading the school history books. The background information he had gathered was organized in a format that is easy to follow. So if there is a particular topic you want to engage in reading going from the contents page to the correct chapter will get you in the correct path. Looking for a particular person or event you can rely on the reference page to provide an exact page number to look the follow information up. The relative length of the chapters and theme are in chronologic order. Education and areas those are relatively older in a mature sense and importance. For example the first chapter is on educations and that is followed by slavery and food and dining so on. The type of literature this book is categorized in is topical research. This book is an informative and educational tool that can be used for numerous ways, a casual read or for tool such as a book review. The book does include timeline, pictures that are used well to capture the meaning in

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