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Solving Climate Change At the core of this book, Greed to Green- Solving Climate Change and Remaking the Economy by Charles Derber is the well-argued position that the materialistic, individualistic, greedy, profit-driven, short-term thinking of America's version of capitalism is a central cause of the environmental degradation that so gravely threatens our common future. It is, then, a welcome irony that the current economic crises caused by the internal contradictions of capitalist accumulation can provide the stimulus for a green regime change. Throughout the book, Derber explores how we need to "trick time" by responding to our immediate economic and social crises in ways that have long-term beneficial consequences for defeating global warming. Derber takes on what is arguably the most pressing social problem in human history - the urgent, time-limited need to control global warming in order to save the world. “The dictionary defines a time bomb as ‘something that threatens to have an abruptly disastrous outcome in the future’’ (Derber 1). If the readers have doubts about the reality of imminent environmental catastrophes, this book will persuade them both intellectually and emotionally about the need to act without delay. “The very idea of a time bomb- especially one whose tick-tock, tick-tock, we can hear but ignore- hints at ignorance or indifference to the future and a time horizon shorter than the period in which the time bomb will explode” (Derber 1). If the readers possess light green environmental sensibilities, this book will transform the readers into a deep green advocate for immediate action. As troubling as it is to read Derber's cogent presentation of the scientific realities we face, his compelling analysis provides a hopeful guide for averting our collective demise. “Every American should ask their selves ‘Am I pale green?’ A pale shade of

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