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Lupita Matias 4 March 2010 Book Review The Story of Jane: the legendary Underground Feminists Abortion Service. By Laura Kaplan. (New York: Pantheon Books, 1995.) The Story of Jane: the legendary Underground Feminists Abortion Service written by Laura Kaplan is told by those who operated and helped out with the act of abortion. The book for itself told me that it was going to be about abortion and indeed there were going to a lot of trouble. But overall the book was good and informed me a lot about the illegal abortions women’s were having back then. Honestly, the women’s who were getting the abortion were tired of having babies and we not capable of caring for another child. Kaplan’s thesis was that women had the right to know about abortion and those that wanted abortion they can get it if they wanted too. Women’s also had the right to their health and the sense of abortions. Kaplan’s thesis was supported throughout the book and there were hard evidence that what she was arguing was right. Kaplan throughout the book states all of the trouble and dilemmas the group went through. We also know that Laura Kaplan was a member of that group and of course she’s going to give us detail and good details about what went on in that group. How and why they performed the abortions. The group and the place were called Jane. This is how people came into contact with the group and how they obtain information about getting an abortion. If someone is wanting an abortion they would go to Jane because she had a group of women’s who performed the abortions. “This book is about a group of women anonymously subsumed under the code name Jane. It is a story of a group, how it came to be and how it evolved.” (xx) There was another major fact that most of all of the women’s were not license physicians and that they learned how to do abortion by teaching themselves. After they

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