Book Report On A Child Called It By David Pelzer

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In the book A Child Called “It”, David Pelzer describes his life as it went from perfect like the Brady Bunch, to a pure “hell”. In his younger life, his family got along and his parents were deeply in love. They would dance around and the mother would cook huge dinners and put on a lot of makeup for when the father got home. One day, it just started going downhill. The mother became an alcoholic; an abusive alcoholic. First, she would just send the boys to look for items that the family didn’t even have, and punish them when they said they couldn’t find it. Then she singled David out, saying he was the “bad boy” and told the other boys that she was glad they weren’t like him. After awhile, she made up ridiculous chores for David to do before…show more content…
She reported her suspicion of abuse to the principal, and the investigation started. David was finally set free at 12 years old. I’m sure he couldn’t even express the gratitude he had for the administrators and police officers that saved him from his evil mother, who he called “the Bitch”. This book is very beneficial to the general public because it shows what happens behind closed doors in child abuse cases. It warms the heart of the reader and motivates them to do something to help the children that are being abused. The book shouldn’t be read by younger children or people who are easily grossed out by gory details because it’s a very graphic and disturbing book. If people can’t handle the graphic details, they should at least be told a summary of what the book is about and what happens to him and how he feels. David inspired me by showing that even a young child, incapable of caring for themselves, can get through horrible, life threatening incidences and grow up to be a successful, loving man. Next time I think I have a rough life, I can think about how he grew up, and gain the motivation I need to better my life and achieve my

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