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Book Report Of Black Beauty

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  • on August 23, 2011
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Book Report of Black Beauty
                                                        By Linda Li
  Have you ever imaged that animals can talk to each other? Do you ever have any idea how a horse felt about the human? If you do, welcome to the world of Black Beauty.   Black Beauty was an animal fiction that was written by Anna Sewell, it has sold over 50 million copies, and it’s one of the best-selling books in the entire world.
  Long time ago, Black Beauty has been living in many places: A pleasant meadow with a pond in it, an orchard garden with friends chatting under apple trees. He lives in happiness. However, he had been sent to the Skinner’s stable, where people used a cruel whip that can draw blood, and with careless grooming that lets the stable smell and be uncomfortable.
  Black Beauty was a black handsome horse, with a pretty white star in the forehead; one white foot on the off side; and a fine soft coat that was bright black. When Black Beauty was only a little colt, his wise old mother advised him,“I hope you grow up gentle & good, and never learn in a bad way; do your work with a good will, and never bite or kick even in a play.”Black Beauty seemed to accept the advise, he grew up in a good manner, and it helped him either. The first time he went to the Birtwick, the kind thoughtful coachman, John Manly tried him, Black Beauty remembered his mother advised,” It’s all a chance for us, still I say, wherever it is, and keep up your good name. ” He tried his best to do exactly what the rider wanted him to do. At the end of the story, he became tough, he had been through so many things, the whips, the leaves, the overwork tiredness.
  The conflict of this story is internal conflict: man versus himself. In Black Beauty’s life, he had some hard time, he got to survive through it by his strong will.
  Here’s the story, my re-tell Black Beauty’s story begins:
  “When I was a cot, with my beloved mother was take care of me, I lived in a pleasant meadow...

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