Book Report for Hoover

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How was it for African Americans in the 1930s (3) The life of a black family going through races events. (4) It is difficult to grow up during this time if you were a Negro. You couldn’t do or say anything to hurtful to the whites. If you did do something you can get into trouble or get hurt. Negros really didn’t have any voice. It was hard for a Negro to get a job. (5) It influenced me to enjoy my freedom. Don’t take freedom for Granit. Try to keep freedom in the U.S. Be thankful that Negros and Whites get along. Be happy that Negros has a voice. (6) To explain the life of a Negro family during the 1930s. To show how hard it was to have a voice in events. To show how Negros grew up during that time. To show how Negros dealt with their problems. To compare how easy life is now and back then for Negro kids and adults. (7) It interested me because it told me about black history. It explains the cruelty of racism. It made me feel smatter that I know my races history. It pulled me in to learn about black history. It made me more aware of racism. (8) I will use the information as knowledge. I will use it to become aware of signs of racism. I will use it to show that now we have a voice. I will use it to explain how easy it is for blacks now. I will use it to have a different thought of mind. (9) Page #5, two black children dealing with a racist teacher. The teacher name is Miss Crocker. Page # 20 they look in the front page of their books and see a list that seemed races to them, so they gave it back to the teacher. The teacher got mad and gave them a spanking. Page # 27, the teacher told there mom in a whole different story. (10) Yes I would recommend this book. It makes you know your history better. It explains what black people can and cannot do to white people back then. It can make other people more aware of racism. It shows the

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