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Intermediate conversation class Title: Charlotte’s web Author: E.B white Time and place of story: the present time, the farm in a countryside Genre: Children’s Novel Level: White(A2) & 31455 words Time to write the report: 1 hour Main characters: Wilber : an innocent, pure pig Charlotte A cavatia : a smart spider who is wilber’s friend Fern Arable : 8-old girl who loves Wilber Templeton : greedy rat who helps Wilber & charlotte Avery Arable : the brother of Fern Homer Zuckerman : Fern’s uncle who has a barn Lots of animals(lamb, goose, old sheep etc) Personal response to the book: 1. Character you liked/disliked, saying why: There are many animals which have different characters. I like Templeton although he had no good manners. He is small and very good to move anywhere, so he is the only animal which can take stories from human’s place. Wilber and Charlotte asked him to take them, and Templeton helped them only when they offered food. He always talked cynically and teased Wilber, but he helped Wilber importantly when Wilber had troubles. 2. The most memorable scene for you: Wilber asked to Charlotte that why she did all things for him. Then Charlotte said he was her friend and a spider’s life couldn’t help anything but by helping Wilber, she lift up her life a trifle. I think about what the valuable life is and what the true friend is. This scene showed the answer of both questions. It’s definitely not wasteful to help without price for friends. It just made me happy. 3. Themes or issues dealt with in the story The important issue the author addresses is what the real friendship is and the importance of life. The main characters are animals and they worried about their life like people. At first, Fern gave Wilbur opportunity to live more and other animals helped Wilber not to die.

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