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Ayush Arora 5/31/12 PM Block May Book Report The Eleventh Plague Written by Jeff Hirsch is an adventure novel about a family falling apart after a deadly disease called P-11, also known as the eleventh plague. During the collapse, which was the period that happened in, the whole survived: Stephen, mom, dad, and grandpa. After the disease, mom died without anybody knowing, then grandpa died of illness. Next, dad fell into a deep coma and never woke up, so then Steve, hi nickname dragged him to a small society called Settler’s landing. There a nurse took him to see if he was alive but wasn’t. Steve was on his own now. A couple of days later, He found someone his age, Jenny. They both became friends, and that night, they decided to play a little prank on the house next to them, his name was Will. When will found out, he started a riot, later enemies came and invaded and destroyed the society. This book ended with the problem unsolved, because it said the society was in flames and then the book ended. I think this is not an effective ending because they told nothing that happened after. An effective ending would be that the society’s people would find another little town about fifteen or twenty miles beyond and they would all live there, or they would see the town in flames and all die together. This is why this was not a satisfying ending! The theme of this book is no matter what happens, keep

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