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Book Report: (Title of Book) Black Like Me By Jayjarniece Miller (Your Name) English I Mrs. C. Evans Class Period 5th Date November 7, 2011 Author Biography Full Name, John Howard Griffin • birthdate : June 16, 1920 Died : September 9, 1980 • Hometown : Dallas,Texas • Family Life : Second son of for childeren • Education : Unversity of Poitiers • Accomplishments : Photographic artist , American journalist Title Analysis Black like me means a white man changing his skin color black to see how negroes aer getting treated. Setting of Story Students will describe the setting of the novel. Where does it take place? When (what time period) does the story take place? Time Period: The novel Black Like Me takes place during October 28, 1959 through August 17, 1960. It is the Civil Rights Era where segregation, racism and Jim Crow laws govern the South in the United States. Locations: 1. Mansfield, Texas 2. New Orleans, Louisiana 3. Hattiesburg, Mississippi 4. Mobile, Alabama 5. There are more…… Characters and Description Students will write a description of all the characters in the novel. This description will include their name, age, a physical description, their purpose in the story and their relationship to the main character. 1. John Howard Griffin- he is the main character. He decides to change his appearance from a White man to a Black man. 2. George Levitan- 3. Adele Jackson- 4. Précis of Plot Students will write a summary of the novel’s plot. What is the story?

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