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Service: The service that I am selling is Group Insurance from Prudencial. We are the second largest carrier of group insurance and we are a leading disability and long-term care insurance carrier. We have over 13,000 group life clients that ensure more then 24 million lives. We are able to bring you such great rates because we are one of the largest group insurance companies but we are also able to have personalized service that is right for your company, we have a great reputation with our clients. We are more focused then ever on our group incurrence. We no longer sell personal insurance so that we can focus on our group insurance and the opportunity that we see in that arena. Our company has over 95 years experience with group life insurance. 1. Prospect and Qualifying: My prospect is Callahan’s Pub and Resturant. They are a local company that was started twenty two years ago and has thrived in the community. Lee Doxtader is the president of the company. They are a pub and restaurant so they serve alcoholic beverages as well as food. The prospect is a middle-age man that is interested in providing insurance options that could benefit his employees. 2. Planning the Sales Call: The prospect knows that his employees are the heart and sole of his company and that if they have a good working environment they would want to do a better job and would be happier with would lead to better customer service. He is the resident and co-founder of the company; he makes most of the buying decisions . The company has been around for twenty-two years and has grown and has been able to thrive in the down-turned economy. At this point in time the company does not have group insurance right now. 3. Approaching the Prospect: My objectives for the sales call are to give he prospect information on the service and the company, to gain visibility in this market, and also

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