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The novel Deep Green by Melody Carlson is about a high school girl named Jordan, who is madly in love with a boy in her class named Timothy. Even though her best friend Shawna is dating him, Jordan anxiously accepts when Timothy asks her to be his girlfriend. Greedy, Shawna tries to lure Timothy back with promiscuous gestures. This causes an atrocious feud between the three friends. Jordan quickly recognizes that Timothy is only after her body. One of her old friends, Kara, introduces her to Jesus. Jordan understands how important it is to have God apart of her life. She becomes aware that winning Timothy from Shawna is really just a game. Jordan ended up breaking up with him because it brought her to things she would have never of done with anyone. Within the course of the novel, Jordan becomes a better person and turns her life towards Jesus. In the beginning of the novel, Jordan was a crude person and did anything to get Timothy from Shawna. One evening after school, Jordan flattened her tire just to make Timothy give her a ride home. The evening ended with impure behavior. Another instance occurred when she drove two hours to meet with Timothy at a restaurant. Towards the end, Jordan acknowledges that this was not who she was at all. She became a more pure person and realized to not give in no matter what. At first, Jordan did not believe in Jesus, God, or even going to church. Her friend, Kara, presented her to Jesus and showed her that she can still be a cool person, even if she made God apart of her life. Her Christian friend also gave her some words of advice. “You’re down now Jordan, but only for awhile. I think God is giving you a chance to really look at life and decide just how you want to live it” (Carlson 134). Kara gave Jordan numerous examples of how God has helped her throughout her life. She showed her that she should pray to God whenever she

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