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CLINT MAGEE 1. Theme The theme of this simplified novel is about heroism and a bravery of a man name Clint Magee. 2. Main Characters a. Clint Magee. Clint Magee is a nice person, hard worker and brave so the people of Boneita give him a great respect. b. Shane Morney. Shane Morney is a bad man; he is the skipper of the raider. c. Cliff Lomax. Cliff actually a good person, but he is too weak so the people of Bonieta not respect him as their sheriff. d. Thunder-Cloud. He is the chief of Sioux, very wise and actually a peace-lover. The dead of his son make him very angry, so he decided to have a war. e. Old Ez. Old Ez is the owner of the Cheyenne Hotel. He is the oldest man in town, so people do respect him. f. Virginia Magee. A good housewife, she is fashionable and a good designer. She has helped her husband to build the Gravity Ranch into a beautiful place to live in. 3. Summary of the Story The story began in the year of 1881, at those time the Indian has been reserved into some land who was empty and they was derived so they could call the reservation as their homeland. It does begin when a gang of criminals who the leader is Shane Morney came into Boneita Springs. Boneita Springs it self, is a nearest town to the Indian Reserve. It’s a quiet little town, peaceful and a joyful place at all until the Morney’s gang came and make the situation became terrible. The people of Boneita Springs ask their sheriff Cliff Lomax to ask the gang to leave. But the gang not leave, moreover they has make the sheriff afraid and successfully attain the sheriff to help them attack the Indian Reserve. The situation became more terrible when Morney’s people kill two people of Sioux and unfortunately one of them was the son of the chief of the Sioux. The Indian decided to fight back, the stage coach cart which brings a passengers and goods was being attacked,

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