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It’s like this summer is definitely the summer of secrets to Darcy Wills. Darcy has her own secret, but it seems like everyone else is keeping secrets, too. Darcy is still dealing with a sexual assault that only her parents know about. The near rape happened with a boy she’d been warned about by her former friend. She is finding it difficult to heal, developing a lot of rage and suspicion as a result. At the last minute Darcy's father came in to rescue her. This is when Darcy started to feel guilt on her and had multiple nightmares day after day after day. Because of these feelings Darcy was not acting like herself, so her best friend Tarah became worried. But Darcy didn't say anything because she was scared of what Tarah might think of her. Darcy also began to run into problems at home. Lately her parents have been arguing and haven't been talking to each other like they use to. Darcy knew there was a problem but just didn't know what. Then Darcy finally told Tarah her deepest darkest secret that was ruining and tearing apart their friendship. Darcy sees danger signs everywhere, sometimes in the right places. When her old friend starts dating a questionable new guy, Darcy gives her a heads up about the situation and it turns out she was right. Theme The theme is to not keep secrets to yourself (one you can’t solve by yourself and the ones that can be should share your thoughts and secrets to at least your parents and

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