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Hannah Richardson Grade8 Book Report 10\7\12 Title: Pretty Little Liars Author: Sara Shepard Pages: 338 The author of the book “Ruthless A Pretty Little Liars” is Sara Shepard. The main issue presented in the book is four friends trying to find out who killed one of their friends. This book is a mysterious, thrill seeking novel. Sara Shepard grew up in Philadelphia’s Maine Line, where she lives today. She graduated from Downingtown West High school in Downingtown, Pennsylvania in 1995. She graduated from NYU, and has an MFA from Brooklyn College. Her approach to the main topic “finding the killer” was personal because it was inspired by her upbringing in Philadelphia’s Maine Line. My evaluation of her work is that each one of her novel has a moral as in this novel “Ruthless” the moral is “some secrets never die”. The author’s basic premises for writing this book were her upbringing in Philadelphia’s Maine Line. The girls lived almost the same life style: Maine Line Suburb Large Estates Upper\Upper Middle Class. The book was written clearly because it was easy to follow as you read along. The events in the novel were very clear, and could be visualize as you read. Sara Shepard achieved her goal as being a Mystery and Thrill author because the novel was packed with suspense, plot and action. The most important points of the author were: trying to find a killer and secrets never die. 1. “Now that there prime suspect is out of the running, the liars have no clue as to who could have killed their best friend”. 2. “Alison DiLaurentis is out of the picture, but A keeps sending Aria, Emily, Hanna, Spencer suspicious text about things only Alison could know- and that’s not the Liars’ only problem”. As a reader the book suggested that secrets are not always kept amongst friends. It also suggests that secrets and lies don’t mix.

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