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Responses to Reading – Book Report Book Name: A Smart Girl’s Guide to Manners Author: Nancy Holyoke Publisher: American Girl Illustrator: Cathi Mingus Summary: We’re getting older. We’re going to new places and doing new things. We have more independence and more responsibility, too. Suddenly everybody expects us to act more like an adult and less like our little sister. But that’s not always easy to do. Manners can help. Manners are commonsense guidelines for getting along with other people. They prevent us from being selfish and annoying. They remind us to be kind. They make us better company and a better person. A girl with nice manners gets more respect. She’s also got a mind to handle all kinds of situations. She finds confidence which she never know she has. With this guide, girls can learn proper manners for everyday events and tricky social situations. It’s filled with great advice on everything from eating in fine dining restaurants and handling troublemakers in order to avoid embarrassing accidents. Reflection: This book is great for girls of all ages. It teaches you the importance of manners and how you act towards people. When I read it, it makes me feel better about myself. If you don't know how to act when you go to a fancy dinner or when you’re making a phone call, this book will help you with not only that, but with so many other important things! It's a really helpful guide, and I have learned to be very well-mannered now. To sum up, it covers pretty much everything you will need to know about manners and how to act in public. Las but not least, the illustrations in this book are adorable. I really like

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