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Book Report Nicholas Ruppenthal 11/16/09 Blk-1 Book Report #2 In the early 1930’s America was in the midst of the Great Depression and the people of America had no event to cheer about until Seabiscuit came along. Seabicuit’s story started with a man by the name of Charles Howard who wanted to become the best racecar driver. He moved to New York and began as a bike repair shop that then turned it into an automobile repair shop. In all his career endeavors, he made millions. With Charles Howard, Red Pollard, Tom Smith, and Seabiscuit they were able to become one of the greatest racing teams the world has ever seen. The theme for the book Seabiscuit an American Legend how is society often pulls for the stronger better more known groups in culture when they should not underestimate the underdog’s ability to succeed like Tom Smith who trained horses, Red Pollard a jockey who went blind in one eye and Seabiscuit who was an undersized horse with crooked legs. Tom smith is a so called “horse whisperer” and that is how he got the nickname “Silent Tom” from talking to horses all the time. Many people believe they can talk to animal such as the dog whisperer who can communicate to the dog to get it to behave. Most of the time though, the animal whisperers just spend so much time with the animals that they know what the problem when they are called to help. This is like Tom, who could train horses to reach their potential and make them become a winner. Tom was hired by Charles to become his horse trainer and his first task was to find the right horse to train. He found the most unlikely of horses, an undersized and temperamental horse that did not do what is was asked. This could be linked to little kids when they throw a tantrum the kids never do what is asked, when they did not get what they wanted. Tom found a way to almost bribe

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