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English Book Report This English book report is for Mrs. Rowland’s 8th hour English I class. The title of my book is Call of the Wild and White Fang by Jack London. The book was 293 pages long; the publisher of this book is Bantam Books. This book was first published in 1903and later published in 1963 and 1981. One reason I chose to read this book is that I enjoy reading books about wildlife and other habitats. The cover of the book also attracted my attention; it has two people in a snow covered area. One other reason I chose to read this book is because I enjoy reading Jack London’s books. Jack London’s books are usually understanding of animal and human natures which earned him a reputation as a distinguished American writer. The main character in this book is Buck, who is a lost and stolen dog from his home and is forced into a mercy filled life of the Arctic. Buck encounters many hardships, and the bitter cold. Buck is a huge dog he is a four-year-old half-Saint Bernard and half-Scottish shepherd dog. When he is stolen he travels to the Arctic by train and boat, he notices along the journey that the temperature gets lower and lower the farther north he travels. Once Buck arrives at the snowy lands he immediately spots dogs pulling people on sleds. Buck didn’t have to worry about getting attacked by other dogs because of his large size. Buck still kept an alertness of his surroundings and the animals and humans in it, he was from urban civilization before and his paws are not used to this iced and snowy weather. This made his paws have a continuous pain and discomfort constantly throughout the days. The man who stole Buck has him chained to a little dog house and takes him on sled rides with a group of dogs. One dog named Spitz ends up fighting Buck, and results into Buck being victorious and becomes the lead dog. When Buck becomes the lead dog he is beat

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