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Book Report The book I choose is the Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn. It is an extraordinary book. I liked the book very much. I have read all the Twilight books and Breaking Dawn was the most interesting. In the beginning of the book Bella and Edward get married. They go on there honeymoon to Isle Emse. It is an island that Carlisle (Esme’s husband) bought for her. Edward took Bella there for 17 days. She ended up coming back early due to the fact that Edward had impregnated Bella. The baby was half human half vampire. Bella became very sick because the baby was taking all her blood and energy. She did not want to destroy the baby because she loved her even though it was destroying her. She came back to Fork’s to the Cullen house. Carlisle took care of her for the time being. When Bella delivered she almost died so then Edward had no choice but to change her into a vampire. Jacob thinking he was in love with Bella did not want her to be changed. He thought she would never be the same. When Jacob saw the baby born he imprinted and fell in love with her. And his entire world from then on was about her. The Volturi came to the Cullen’s to destroy Rennesme (the baby). The wolf pack and the Cullen’s were agreeing to work together side by side to protect the baby. Bella was turning into a vampire on the other hand. Going through the excruciating change Edward was always by her side. And meanwhile the Cullen’s and the Volturi had decided to let the baby live. The story was very interesting. The story inside the book was a very anxious thrilling book. It’s a great book and I would recommend it for anyone. I think I will read more Stephanie Meyers books. Breaking Dawn was a great

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