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Book Report

  • Submitted by: kyleosmith
  • on December 3, 2011
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Travis O'Leary
Book Title: ARK ANGEL
Author: Anthony Horowitz
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
Year Published: 2006

The protagonist in Ark Angel is Alex Rider. Alex is a 14 year old British male who was a spy for MI6 British secret intelligence.

I think that Nikolai Drevin because he was responsible for the kidnapping of his son and was working with Force Three. Also because he's the one who Alex has to defeat to save the world.

Important Characters:
Paul Drevin, Tamara, Kaspar(leader of Force Three), Ed Shulsky, Miss Bedfordshire, Steel Watch(name Alex made because he didn't know his real name).

The place is in Nikolai Drevin's mansion in England. The time the book takes place is modern day.

In the book the conflict is external. The conflict is that Force Three is going to destroy the Ark Angel with a bomb he sent into space that is going to explode the Ark Angel and all the parts of the Ark Angel will hurdle to the earth and kill millions of people.

That good guys may have a dark side.

Someone attempted to assassinate Alex Rider, but failed but was put in a hospital because the bullet his a major artery.

Rising Action:
  Four guys come to the hospital at night and try to kidnap Paul Drevin.
  Alex saves Paul by switching the name tag under the room number so the four guys were trying to kidnap Alex instead.
  Alex and Paul get stuck in a room that is on fire. Eventually Alex and Paul get to the roof top and a helicopter comes to get the. Nikolai Drevin who was Paul's dad thanked Alex and told to come to his mansion.

Alex goes to the mansion and learns about Paul's life, that he's home schooled and that he really ever sees his father. Then finds out that Force Three has a plan on destroying the Ark Angel and its parts will hurdle to the and kill millions of people because they think it's a danger to the environment.

Falling Action:...

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