Book of Ruth Essay

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1. Why is the book of Ruth important? 2. How does this represent the will of God? 3. Was there any sin in Ruth? 4. Why is it important that Ruth be in the genealogy of King David and Jesus? 5. What is the significance of the courtship of Ruth? 6. Why is the origin of Ruth important? 7. What tribe did Ruth come from? 8. ------------------------------------------------- What was the culture of the people that Ruth came from? The book of Ruth is a refreshing story of how one woman’s loyality to her mother in law affected a whole society. The fact that it sits between to far more in depth and considerably dark books of the bible also brings it to life even more. The journey of Ruth is an epic example of how one persons faith can change the course of history. If it had not been for the perils of one family during a time of famine, then the story or Ruth would have never been. The fact that Ruth was a Moabite is siginicante because she is not an Isralite and would have never been able to be a partaker of the covenant of Israel if she had not married into the family. Ruth is a partaker of the covenant through right of marriage. If she had not married into the family of Israel she would have never been in Bethlehaem. It took a lot of faith for Ruth to follower her mother in law back to her homeland. Ruth left everything that she knew to be with the woman that she loved and the God that she adopted as her own. If Ruth had not had faith in the fact that God would provide for her as he had for her mother in law then she would have never gone with her in the first place. There is a lot of debate about the origins of Ruth. Some say that it was written during the preexilic times and some say that it was a postexilic work. Because of some of the customs presented in the book there has been great debate about the significane of the taking off of the

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