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Film opening analysis: The Book Of Eli I will be analysing the opening scene from The Book of Eli, which is approximately 2 minutes 47 seconds long and was directed by Albert Hughes and Allen Hughes. There will be two micro elements that I will be looking into which are Mise en Scene and Sound. I personally think these are the two main features during this scene, as it produces a story and give’s the audience an idea of what is happening in the world. The opening scene of The Book of Eli fades in with a white beam of light, which instantly attracts the audience’s attention. It begins to slowly pan down from the sky and then across the floor slowly building up tension and putting the audience on edge, this reflects the genre of the film. We are introduced to a gun that lays unused on the floor then to the bow and arrow. This could show how the new technology has been reverted back to prehistoric times and our cavemen animalistic instincts shown through this, it then slowly pans over to a cat, which lacks fur - this can be seen as a metaphor for society being stripped to its bear essentials after nuclear fallout. The cat is helplessly wandering through an ashen forest, an inhabitable area. This is created through the dark lighting and what appears to be ash falling from the sky. We see the cats eyes gazing round helplessly before spotting a human carcass, an easy meal. It scan’s the area, making sure its approach to the body is safe. The camera pans around the woods which is covered in ash giving us a sense of disorientation, and then our eyes slowly come to realize there’s a man sitting there, his eyes and head covered with camouflaged clothing, murky and mysterious outline of a human being, holding onto a large bow and arrow held tight and aimed towards the unaware cat during the build up to reveal the character is suspenseful as it slowly tracks across

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