Book Keeping & Financial Performance of Smes Essay

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GULU UNIVERSITY BOOKKEEPING AND FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE OF SMES ACASE STUDY OF GULU MUNICIPALITY BY HENRY EGYEYU ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Achievement often sets off a chain reaction. Those who earn awards in various disciplines in their careers inspire us in turn to strive and excel with hard work and deeds of succession. That has been true of the process of writing this dissertation I am grateful for the motivation of Geoffrey Epolu at whose question, “Do you want to graduate?” first got me started. Ambrose Eger, lecturer at Gulu University, read the first script and encouraged me to go on with the dissertation. Mr. Augustine as he had always done before, made sure that what I researched communicated my intended requisites for the topic of study-he is so good at that, as if he could read my mind. My fiancé calls this the “Dissertation written in the middle of the night” Thank you Henry, for putting up with my dissertation fulfillment task requirement habit. Those cups of coffee you brought me first thing in the morning really helped to make up for the lost sleep. If after presenting this dissertation, other students get motivated to achieve and earn awards in academic fields, then the chain will continue. That is my encouragement Joyce Akwero ABSTRACT Small and medium scale enterprises contribute over 50% of the employment opportunities and 40% of GDP in Uganda Despite their significance, recent studies show that 60% of the SMEs fail Within the first few months of operation Studies also show that it is hard for the SMEs to access Finances from the financial institutions since they lack proper financial records as a requirement Therefore, the general objective of this study was to assess the effect of proper bookkeeping Practices on financial performance of SMEs in Gulu municipality to

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