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Hosai Azizi 2/26/2012 ESL 096a “Love, Your Only Mother” The Mystery about love In the Story “Love, Your Only Mother” the author David Michael Kaplan is telling us about a mother and daughter. Since the beginning of the story the mother is keep sending her daughter postcards from different places. The mother left her family when her daughter was seven years old but she always sends her postcard, “‘You’d left my father and me only two years before. Four months after leaving, you send me-always me, never him…’ ”. In the beginning the daughter is getting a postcard from her mother with the wrong date, “‘In your last card you were in Nebraska, and it was 1962; you’ve lost some time, I see.’ “.In each card of her she is writing “your only mother”, with this part she is making her daughter thoughtful, she is trying to find out what her mother is trying to tell her. We can see in this story about a mystery love between a daughter and a mother. The daughter wants to forget her mother but she can’t because the mother is sending every time postcard from different places for her daughter and showing her that she never forgot her, and this keeps the love between them. With the character of the daughter the author is showing us a strong love that never ends. The daughter is still waiting for her mother that she maybe came back home in place of sending her postcards. With these cards she thinks that her mother is still alive and she has a hope to see her one day again. From the beginning of the story I found out that her mother past away and her father is sending her all the postcards, that’s why all the different places and different dates. I thing she was very young and not ready to understand that she lost her mother. For me this is the mystery about the story that the author is trying to tell

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