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Book Essay April 5th 2012 A Walk To Remember is the best-seller written by sentimental novelist Nicholas Sparks published in October 1999. It is a teen melodrama set in a coastal North Carolina port .The story centers around Jamie Sullivan, a timid, shy, religious, unpopular girl. She unexpectedly winds up in a relationship with Landon Carter, the most popular guy in their high school. Landon Carter is a cocky, popular high school student, considered as the big man on campus at Beaufort High School. After a hazing incident that leaves a fellow student paralyzed he is sentenced to community service, membership in his school's drama club and Saturday morning tutoring. Landon isn’t the type of guy to do things like that or help others. He is forced to seek help from conservative, religious, plain-Jane Jamie to help him rehearse his lines in the play. They both get the lead roles. When she comes out for her part, everyone is shocked. She is dressed up looking absolutely beautiful. As she is singing to him, he cannot stop staring at her and he realizes he fell in love with her. He struggles with the drop of popularity when they become a couple. Jamie was keeping a secret from him and her schoolmates. She has leukemia and is no longer responding to treatments. She is very religious and isn’t afraid of dying but she is afraid of being without the love of her life, Landon. He takes the news bad at first, terrified to lose the 18 year old woman he loves. Jamie made a wish list when she found out she didn’t have much time left in her life, things she wanted to do before she went. Landon does everything he can to fulfill various wishes on Jamie's list, such as building her a telescope so she can see a comet. Another wish on her list was to be in two places at the same time. He drove to the borderline taking her to a state

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