Book Critique - the Advancement

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The Advancement: Keeping The Faith In An Evolutionary Age Book Critique According to the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary site L. Russ Bush (1944-2008) was a “philosopher, apologist, author, professor and pastor.” Dr. Bush served Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary as academic dean and also as professor of Christian Philosophy. The Advancement: Keeping The Faith In An Evolutionary Age, authored by Bush, is a collection of philosophical concepts which have significantly influenced the thought patterns of humanity throughout history. Bush states the overall thought of his work in the books preface, he writes “Our age is not what it used to be. We are now living in an age of advancement. The Christian consensus no longer dominates Western civilization. We have grown so used to the “new” as being the best solution to whatever “the problem” is that we can hardly appreciate the past anymore, and it is very difficult to recognize or evaluate what is significant.” Bush purposes to bring to light this new standard of belief as well as address the need to return to a theistic worldview. Bush has organized the age old concepts discussed in his writing into eight chapters which he briefly outlines in the books preface. “Advancement”, coined by Bush, describes the era in which modern Christians find themselves. He writes “the twenty-first century era begs for a descriptive name. Modern seems strangely old-fashioned, and Postmodern is surely a temporary name. Perhaps the era through which we are passing could be dubbed the “Advancement.” Chapter one introduces the reader to the worldview he has coined “Advancement”. Readers will find a concise explanation of the modern, Christian and new worldview along with how each differ from the other in chapter one. Bush makes use of a table illustration showing the contrast of the modern worldview and
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