Book Critique - Exploring Religion in Schools

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BOOK CRITIQUE 1 In his book Exploring Religion in School: A National priority, author Brian Hill launches fearlessly into the scholarly debate on religion in schools. He argues that ‘good’ religious education is essential in the formation of values, and that it provides a framework that enables students to discover meaning and purpose for their lives, and that it should therefore be elevated to core curriculum status. Hill proposes implementation strategies and principles that he believes can be adopted by both state and religious schools. As emeritus professor of education at Murdoch University in Western Australia, author Brian Hill is well qualified to write on the subject of Religious education in schools. He has completed post graduate studies at Sydney and Illinois universities and is a foundation member of the International Seminar on Religious Education and Values. Hill has written various books and publications on these themes and draws heavily upon his previous works for the content of this book. The book is divided into four sections that deal with the need for RE (religious education) in schools, the purpose of RE in schools, teaching RE in the classroom and the politics of RE in schools. These chapters are followed by three appendices and an extensive bibliography and personal bibliography enabling the reader to verify and extend their research on the material presented. For non-professionals, he has included a helpful glossary of terms at the back of the book. A topical index has been included, as well as an index of proper names. The information presented is well organised and thoroughly researched with supporting material from other scholars in the field and references to other relevant works. There are diagrams

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