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Stephan Hundley Essay #2 History 1877 December 8, 2014 “Even if the Civil War had not touched slavery, the conflict still would have transformed America. As the world’s first modern war, it mobilized the entire populations of North and South, harnessed the productive capacities of both economies, and produced battles that fielded 200,000 soldiers and created casualties in the tens of thousands” (Roark, 462). First, this paper will examine Henry Fleming journey which is about the civil war and Frederick Douglass’ journey which is about slavery. Second, it will look at how each of these characters earned their own red badge of courage. Third, it will talk about how their lives were similar and different and how each overcame their own “red sickness”. Fourth, it will look at the lessons of life and mortality that each man faced, what they learned, and how these lessons were the same and different for each man. Lastly, it will examine both characters instinct to survive, how it was depicted by both men, and how and why each acted in terms of both self-interest and also group obligation. Henry Fleming was a character in the book The Red Badge of Courage. He was a solider in the 304th regiment. He had to first face telling his mom that he wanted to enlist which she did not want him to do. “Later, he had gone down to his mother’s room and had spoken thus: ‘Ma I’m going to enlist.’ ‘Henry, don’t you be a fool,’ his mother had replied. She had then covered her face with the quilt. There was an end to the matter for that night” (Crane, 3). While in the war, he had to think if he was going to run or not. He was determined that he was going to fight but he ran and then he had to process what it meant to him to run. He was afraid of what people would think of him for running and ended up coming up with an elaborate story of him losing his regiment and getting shot in

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