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Alba Beltran Ms. Lynch Period 1 September 10, 2013 For the book assignment, over the summer i have read the book, The Last Song written by Nicholas Sparks. This book is about girl named Ronnie Miller, she goes through some hard moments in her life, her parents splitting and her having to go spend the summer in North Carolina with her dad, who she hasn’t spoken with for three years. She is a 17 year old girl , and she is very rebellious young girl! Throughout the story she bumps in a guy named Will, she had no intention of having anything to do with guy. But as days passed by she started hangout with Will and found out what love was. Her connection with her father wasn’t so great but with the situations that occurred, her father and Ronnie started becoming closer until they realized her father had cancer. One connection I answered was “did the character change in a good way or a bad way? explain”. My answer to this question would be, Ronnie indeed changed throughout the book in a good way. For example in the beginning of the story Ronnie was that typical teenager girl who always wanted her stuff the way she wanted it. After she moved in with her father and after she met Will she changed into good to a person who knew what she was doing and thought differently too. She matured and was able to realize the true meaning of family, faith and love. With the death of her father she realized that you shouldn’t hold things in but that you should be able to forgive, and she finally understood of the meaning of family by being with them and spending time with them. Even though Ronnie had a difficult time in becoming a better person she achieved it at the end

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