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Khaled Zebian English 11 - Mr. Anderson January 17th, 2013 Multigenre project 25 January 2011, I was on Facebook and I had 4 invitations to the same groups but by different leaders it all had to do with the government in Egypt and how the people want to start a revolution. My name is Ahmad Bin Butt I am a 24 year old Egyptian, I have 3 kids and a beautiful wife. And I am a rebel like everyone else, I joined all the groups on Facebook and I am ready for the revolt. Day 1 of the revolution we all gathered in the city center and the more people we see arriving the more powerful we become, my family and I were all there cheering and screaming waving signs and yelling, during the nights we camped in Tahrir square which we (rebels) gained full control off, we sat all together made fire places and sat, after a couple of days things got out of hand, I told my family to go back home, I watched as I saw the police holding riot shields throwing gas and trying to hold us back from going anywhere, but we didn’t give up on anything we fought back with rocks and our fists, we fought for our lives, we fought like a family and all for the same reason, I watched the police use rubber bullets, tear gas, water hoses but nothing was able to stop us, I saw people get injured in front of me, I saw people die in front of me, I saw people cry in front of me and the more I saw the more I knew we had to finish it and everyone wanted the same, but we all knew we will never back down. 2 weeks later, still out on the streets fighting for the people’s rights we break through and the government steps down Husni Moubarak steps down and a new constitution was written. We were all happy; celebrating, my family was scared for me but so happy at the same time. What had happened was not because of one person, this was because we all fought like one and that’s what is important, because if we fought

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